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About Bodega Pets


Founded in the summer of 2021, built in the spring of 2022—like 99% of pet businesses out there, the idea to open Bodega Pets started with an adopted poochon, a BC SPCA alum, Lex. Yup, we are another perfect example of what animals can do—namely, change people’s lives. 

Animals can also bring a community together; they make strangers talk to each other, neighbours help each other, and mostly everyone appreciate the environment more. Bodega Pets, borrowing the term from New York City’s bodega cat culture (in Spanish, bodega means corner store, many of which include a resident kitty), is a boutique-style pet grocer proud to be based in Richmond, B.C. We are passionate pet people striving to contribute to a stronger and healthier pet community.

Bodega Pets offers a curated selection of premium foods and quality supplies. We are committed to promoting local businesses by featuring Canadian makers, farmers, designers and artists. With a relaxing, slightly nostalgic corner-store vibe and in-house friendly pet pros, we aim to make every visit to our shop a fun and memorable one. 

Bodega Pets also supports local shelters and adoption programs. Raising awareness for animal welfare and animal adoption is one of the most important agendas to us. More info coming soon.