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About The Pack

We are a pack of two hoomans plus a four-legged friend.

Lex - Branch Manager

Lex, Branch Manager (He/Him)

A BC SPCA Victoria branch rescue, Lex is a poochon (poodle bichon) who loves to eat, bark and pick up branches. His role is to make sure every dog product Bodega Pets carries meets his high standard.

Siya - The Pet Smith

Siya, The Pet Smith (She/Her)

Siya found her true calling in the pet industry after Lex came into her life, and now has years of experience in pet retail under her belt. She can answer any and all questions about your pet.

Louisa - The Brand Builder

Louisa, The Brand Builder (She/Her)

Animal lover and media specialist Louisa helps steer Bodega Pets to its goals. She also makes sure our brand experience stays fun and unique.